Benefits of Owning a Clothing Subscription Box Business and Starting Your Own

Benefits of Owning a Clothing Subscription Box Business and Starting Your Own

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Though they may have started only a few years ago, subscription boxes have gained massive popularity and continue to strive today as a successful industry in today’s market. There are many subscription boxes ranging from food to pet accessories, house decorations to books, even murder mysteries are shipped to homes on a monthly basis

Another form of subscription boxes that have been dominating the market lately is clothing. People will gladly subscribe to a monthly box if they so desire to receive something fashionable and new every month. It’s a way to surprise the consumer with something never before seen and actively engages them to contemplate what they might receive in the next month. Starting a monthly T-shirt subscription box wouldn’t be a bad idea and here are some reasons why you should start one and how.

How to Start a Clothing Subscription Box

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First and foremost, it’s important that you identify what your niche is and your target audience. Know exactly what you want to sell and what you’re selling. Is there a general theme to your clothing brand? Is it gothic or very sunny? What sort of artwork or design is typically shown on your clothes? And as you’re selling them, are you straying away from the original niche you had in mind for your products? Or are you adapting the style to further bring in more consumers and thus evolving your brand?

These are things you have to keep in mind as you start your business as well as running it.

Also, if you are starting a clothing subscription box, what are your competitors selling? Make sure to look at other sites and product reviews so that you’re aware of what other businesses are selling. Get to know the general pricing and packaging that these other distributors supply. When you start selling your product you want to make sure you differentiate from the competition.

Keeping in the know

Be aware of the design trends that are taking place and update your clothing designs to meet those trends. Some popular design trends that have stayed alive for years are the “left-aligned” text, animals, even 80s fashion has resurfaced into popularity. Below is a generic 80s design you would probably see on a T-shirt.

80s style Synthwave art. It displays a red-orange-yellow sun on the horizon of a purplish landscape.



One of the absolute benefits of owning and operating a subscription box is the recurring revenue and steady stream of profit. Even if you are lacking in sales, you’ll still get a steady stream of profit coming in every month. Plus a constant cash flow doesn’t have to be achieved from a monthly service. You could also supply a bi-weekly or quarterly service to consumers.

Brand Awareness

As with most monthly subscription boxes, one of the biggest benefits of owning a subscription box is the constant brand awareness that follows with it. And because you’d be doing clothing, once in a while, you might include a T-shirt or two in an order. Such a product can easily be promoted through the use of social media with a little help from some models to show off your merchandise

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