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Seattle, WA Custom Screen Printing

Have you always wanted to have your own custom T-shirt with the perfect design? You can’t go wrong when Pork Chop Screen Printing Custom Screen Printing is involved! We’ve been in business for decades and know how to get it done right.

Custom t-shirts for any event, occasion or purpose are our specialty. We make it easy to order custom screen printed tees and other apparel online with your high-quality designs that will last. No matter if you need two dozen or 1000 for your custom t-shirt order, don’t hesitate and contact us today.

Custom Screen Printing At Unbeatable Prices In Seattle, WA

Have you been looking for a custom t-shirt company in Seattle that will help guide you through the entire process and do so at incredibly affordable rates? Our experts can take care of it all, assisting you throughout the design process all the way through printing.

We’re the best choice for any custom shirt printing needs you may have. We offer super fast turnaround and unmatched quality, so your organization, company, band, or friends will be proud to wear your design on a garment printed by us.

So, What Exactly Is Screen Printing, Anyway?

Screen printing is a centuries-old technique that has been used to create images. During the screen printing process, a ink is transferred through a mesh screen onto a surface (your garment!). To create a multicolor design, it is necessary to have more than one screen as each color in your design requires a separate print. Screens are created by ‘burning’ a design stencil into an emulsion that is applied to a fine mesh screen. Ink is then pushed through the screen using a squeegee for moving across the screen, the ink transfers to the surface below the screen. We then need to cure the ink using a flash or industrial dryer.

Screen printing is not an exact science because it’s manually handled and is truly and art form.

Our Custom Screen Printing Methods

Spot Color Screen Printing

Spot color printing is a common method for most print jobs. Each design can be printed in different colors on their own screen, which makes it easy to produce stylish designs without having any bleeds or overlapping areas where different colors meet up against each other.

  • Get a vibrant, professional quality print.
  • Any color garment printing available.

Halftone Printing

The halftone print process uses continuous tone imagery through the use of dots that vary in size and spacing. When viewed from a distance, this image provides an optical illusion which makes it seem as if there are more colors than actually exist on your garment.

  • Produces a subtle, yet rich range of colors.
  • Best used for darker designs on lighter color garments.

Grayscale Printing

Grayscale printing is an older, but still popular method for creating prints. It uses gray tones ranging from black to white in order to create images that are less expensive than traditional screen-based methods.

  • The resulting image will be a combination of vibrant and muted colors depending on the size/resolution of your photo.
  • The ink will print on any color garment; recommended for dark prints and light colors to get the best results.

4 Color Screen Printing

The four color t-shirt CMYK printing process is often used to create high quality t-shirts and other items. These prints generally offer an excellent value for the money spent because they’re cost effective, while also being able withstand many wash cycles without losing any detail.

  • The CMYK printing style is a great way to create images with four colors.

Why Choose Pork Chop Screen Printing For Your Boston Screen Printing Needs?

When you’re looking for a top-notch screen printer, there’s no better choice than Pork Chop Screen Printing Custom Screen Printing in Seattle. Not only will your order be printed with premium quality materials and fast turnaround time but also priced better than our competitors. To take the first step towards an unbelievable custom t-shirt, contact us today online or give us a call at 206-706-4764