Screen Printing Near Me

Since it was first discovered, people have used screen printing services to create a plethora of unique items, especially clothing. Screen printed t-shirts have been the basis of a wide range of several clothing company’s product lines. Screen printing is an inexpensive method of rapidly mass-printing designs on t-shirts that produces quality results when done by professionals. Several businesses took to the internet to advertise their services, offering both local and national screen printing solutions. Googling “screen printing near me” often turns up so many results that it causes headaches. So many businesses advertise themselves as the number one screen printing shop, it becomes incredibly difficult to decide among the range of online screen printing shops. Before you even search for “screen printing near me” it’s important to know what screen printing actually is, what to look for in a screen printing shop, and whether to order from national or local screen printing services.

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the process by which ink is laid over a mesh stencil to produce an image onto a product. A fabric screen is created so ink can be properly transferred. The main image is transformed into a stencil, and the ink is then laid upon the stencil so it goes through the areas not covered. The ink is then squeegeed over and over again to ensure that the ink doesn’t bleed into the t-shirt or whatever other product you may need screen printed. After waiting a bit, the design should be transferred perfectly over to the shirt. These stencils can be reused quite a bit, making screen printing not resource intensive, and in turn, inexpensive. This makes screen printing extremely ideal for large orders. Due to its simple process, screen printing doesn’t have to only be done on t-shirts. This process can be applied to backpacks, cups, hats, and practically anything else! Screen printed products become perfect for advertising and branding purposes, as promotional items can be rapidly developed to appease the masses. Not every screen printing company offers their services across a range of products, so if you need a range of products made, it’s best to contact several companies and see what they offer.

What To Look For When Searching For “Screen Printing Near Me”

When searching for “screen printing near me”, it’s important that you know what to look for in a screen printing company. Most national companies have large factories where they mass produce orders from across the country. They’re quickly made using cheap materials and paints, which lends to their screen printed shirts falling apart quicker than shirts made by other companies. They then charge exorbitant prices to turn a massive profit. These screen printing companies are typically concerned with money first, and the customer comes second. Instead of going for the national company that’s just trying to push out as many orders as possible, consider a local screen printing shop. They use quality inks that typically don’t blend or bleed after being washed. They also often offer different t-shirt brands for you to print on depending on your preferences.

Why Pork Chop Screen Printing

If you’re Googling “screen printing near me” in Seattle, WA and can’t seem to decide on one specific company, then make sure to go with Pork Chop Screen Printing. In business for almost 20 years with industry experts with 30+ years of experience, we’ve perfected the process and have it down to an absolute science. We’re able to undertake projects of any size and complete them in record time thanks to our skilled professionals. We work tirelessly to keep up our quick turnaround time on any project, while still producing absolutely quality products. We provide customers with the options of spot color printing, halftone printing, grayscale printing, 4 color CMYK printing, and simulated process printing when discussing the needs of their project. We provide different pricing and colors depending on the screen printing process you choose. We’ll go over each one so you have a clear idea of what each printing process is before we decide on one and start the project. If you’re tired of Googling “screen printing near me” and ready to get your project started, then contact Pork Chop Screen Printing today by calling (206) 706-4764!