What Is 4 Color Screen Printing for T-Shirts?

With so many different techniques available for t shirt screen printing, there are several options to look into when you are considering printing a design on an article of clothing. The 4 color screen printing method is one of the more common types of printing.

4 Color Printing

When it comes to t-shirt design, 4 color printing is a great method. The 4 color printing is also referred to as a CMYK print process because it involves the four basic colors cyan, magenta, yellow and key, or black. This is an ideal way to create a price-effective t-shirt design because this CMYK printing style allows for these four colors to create the image and even creates more by using those four colors.

Benefits of 4 Color CMYK Printing

There is an extensive list of benefits for 4 color printing. One major advantage that cannot be overlooked is its cost effectiveness. Using less colors allows for a more inexpensive process. Additionally, another benefit includes how the process is specific for light colored, white clothing materials. Not all other methods of printing may come out as well on whites. Prints made from this 4 color process allows for those four colors to create the same image that a process using more colors would.

Stages of 4 Color T-Shirt Printing

An important part of the 4 color printing process of t-shirts and apparel include how cyan, magenta, and yellow coincide with the black key plate. This allows for detailing so that the image can be properly viewed. More specifically, it is done because of the key plate that allows for different shades and contrast to form the image.

How Is 4 Color CMYK Printing Different Than the RGB Process?

Similar to the CMYK printing process, RGB focuses on using few colors such as red, green, and blue to create more colors. RGB is typically put on a computer screen while CMYK color screen printing is done for printing purposes.

How Does 4 Color Printing Differ from the Simulated Process?

The 4 color CMYK printing is different than the simulated process because of the visibility of the colors produced. It is because the 4 color screen printing method uses a minimal amount of colors to mix additional colors that the overall vibrancy of the print is low in comparison to other methods. When compared to the vivacious results of the simulated process, it can be seen how the sim process produces more exciting potency in colors and the CMYK creates milder, lighter versions. Another major difference is the fact that the simulated process can be used on both lighter and darker colored materials while the 4 color process is specific to white colored apparel and such.

Best Screen Print Shop with 4 Color Screen Printing

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