What Is Halftone Screen Printing?

There is a variety of different methods of screen printing on t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, and additional apparel. One effective method used by screen printing and design companies is halftone screen printing.

About Halftone Printing

halftone screen printingHalftone printing is a type of screen printing method that emphasizes the use of shading with tiny dots. Pictures can be printed using halftone screen printing and only use one single color to do so. This process of halftone printing looks best when the one printed ink color is darker than the background. For example, white t-shirts look great with black or dark colored ink. However, this doesn’t mean that graphic artists can’t work the other way around using halftone printing. In fact, this halftone screen printing process is quite artistic and interesting. The process involves only one color of ink being used and this color gets half-toned, which results in the appearance of a different shade when looking from further away. Looking up closely, you may be able to see that it is in fact that same color except it is printed in a specific formation of dots to trick the eyes into perceiving it as another shade or different color.

Benefits of Using Halftone Printing

There are several benefits to halftone printing. A major benefit of halftone printing is that it is inexpensive due to the fact that the halftone printing process only uses one color of ink. This is a unique way to add a little bit of color and different shading without adding more actual color and boosting up the cost of the print. Aside from the good price, halftone printing is also great for creating shades and for art that focuses on detail but by using only one color. Graphic artists and designers may get excited about this because it allows them to get creative since small dots must be used for creating the illusion of different shades when trying to add color to the design using that same one ink color.

Stages of Halftone T-Shirt Printing

The first part of halftone t-shirt printing involves creating the design. When you have your design ready, then you should ensure that it is in high resolution for the most effective printing method and best results. If the image is faulty, then the dots from the halftone screen printing process won’t be clear enough for the appropriate view. In other words, if the image has a low resolution, then the image will not come out well in print. When using the halftone screen printing method for t-shirts, a high mesh count screen is required. To be more specific, the inked dots should not be placed on the clothing with too much pressure or it won’t come out right. Good halftone t-shirt printing is entirely dependent on getting the inked dots down just right.

How Is Halftone Printing Different Than A Grayscale?

Halftone printing is different than grayscale printing for several reasons. The first is the fact that halftone printing involves using one color to create various shades and portray the desired image as a result. Grayscale printing, on the other hand, is the specific use of gray shades from black and white.

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