What is Simulated Process Screen Printing?

simulated process t-shirt printing

There are multiple ways to print designs on t shirts, jerseys, and apparel. Who wouldn’t love to get their own creation, photograph, specific phrase, or name on a piece of clothing to wear around? One popular way to print images is through simulated process printing, which allows for halftones of colors to encompass a design. While there are alternative ways for printing t shirt designs, the simulated process screen printing has a number of advantages.

Simulated Process Printing

Simulated process printing is one popular technique for getting images and designs on specific areas of clothing, such as t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, hats, aprons, and more. This simulated process screen printing puts emphasis on the use of halftones of ink colors to capture the colors of the original design. The sim process, as it is sometimes called, can be done with both lighter and darker shades of clothing.

Benefits of Simulated Process T-Shirt Printing

The advantages of simulated process t-shirt printing include the image coming out bold, realistic, and detailed. Spot colors are used but blended together with halftones and gradients to maximize the visual. This makes for a vibrant image or design on the article of clothing. Because the simulated process printing method can be used for both darker and lighter shades of any color clothing, this process is one of the most commonly used for t shirt printing.

Stages of Simulated Process Printing

The beginning of the sim process starts with the design or image being separated. This helps all colors be identified. When it come to design, the image can be as creative or as simple as needed. Some sports teams need jerseys that require letters, names, and/or numbers to be printed. Others create their own images, lines, drawings, and more.

How Is the Sim Process Different than CMYK color?

The Sim Process is different than the CMYK color print process because the simulated process printing may result in a heavier feel and CMYK only prints on white clothing items. While CMYK can be used for pictures or color images, the simulated process printing can be done for printing colorful images on any color of clothing.

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