Why Spot Color Printing Is the Best Choice for You

When it comes to t-shirt design and printing, spot color printing is an excellent option. There are a list of benefits for this design application process as opposed to other types of printing methods such as halftone printing, four color CMYK printing, simulated process printing, and heat transfers. Pork Chop Screen Printing will cater to your spot color printing needs, or whichever method you prefer for printing on your dream t-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, and more!

What is Spot Color Printing?

Spot color screen printing is one method for printing on t shirts, hoodies, jerseys, hats, aprons, and more. This technique pulls spot colors from several different programs. Spot colors are printed in solid colors and shapes. This printing process is the most popular of all types.

Benefits of Choosing Spot Color for Printing

The benefits of spot color printing on apparel are great. Spot color printing allows for raw, vivid colors to be exposed on the desired material. Not only is the color exceptional, but this process of spot color printing allows for the user to have maximum control over the colors. The color that gets printed ends up being concise, clear, and edged to perfection. Because colors are separated and not blended in the design, it is simple to use spot color printing as a printing method.

Process of Spot Color Screen Printing

The first part of the spot color printing process involves getting the art ready and set. It is imperative to ensure that the design, words, or number are ready to go and that the colors are separated. If colors are not visibly separated or the art is not in high resolution, then the print on the t shirt, jersey, or clothing item will not come out as efficient as preferred. A stencil-like tool is used during this process to help transfer the design on the t shirt, hoodie, or other clothing material. The ink is able to go right onto the shirt using the stencil and ultimately allows for rich solid color. To sum up, spot color screen printing allows for design print to be placed on any type of apparel and as many spot colors can be used to create the specific image as desired.

Best Spot Color T-Shirt Printing Company

At Pork Chop Screen Printing, we are passionate about creating the apparel you desire with this method of spot color t-shirt printing and other various ways of printing like four color printing and simulated process printing. It is our goal to provide the top quality, affordable apparel that you desire. We are committed to creating beautiful work of art for your clothing pieces of choice. There simply is no greater quality, customer-oriented custom t shirt printing company. Design your shirt today!