Direct-To-Garment (DTG) Printing

Direct-to-garment, DTG, is a custom clothing printing solution that originated in the state of Florida in 1996. Since then, it’s become one of the most widely used printing solutions in the world besides traditional screen printing. With flexibility in terms of color, it’s an excellent choice for those that are looking for custom t-shirts with full color that don’t meet the minimum for screen printing in our workshop.

Although the cost is higher per unit, direct-to-garment printing offers some benefits when compared to standard screen printing. We can produce full color custom garments on a much smaller scale than screen printing.  There is no limit to the colors that can be used for direct-to-garment printing. Any design or color combination you can imagine can come to life through direct-to-garment printing. DTG printing works best on natural fabric like cotton.


The DTG Printing Process

While screen printing uses a series of screens for each color in a design, direct to garment looks and works similar to a standard printer. DTG printing takes advantage of a specialized water-based inkjet technology.

Before the ink is sprayed to match the design, the garment is put through a pre-treatment machine and is heat pressed.

Pre-treatment also allows for a stronger bond between dyed garment fiber and ink to allow for a long-lasting and vivid design. (White cotton does not need to be pretreated, using white cotton items will keep the cost per print lower.)

The heat press make sure individual fibers are flattened at a microscopic level. Flattening the fibers provides a smooth substrate for printing, much like a piece of paper. NOTE: This can leave a square mark on the print when you receive it after production, one wash will remove the imprint.

Once the article of clothing is in place in the DTG printer, the ink jets spray onto the textile through the print head and is then is heat pressed a second time to cure the ink.

When all of these moving pieces work together, DTG creates a vivid, incredibly colorful, and long-lasting design!


DTG ordering details

I will send over an estimate after reviewing your artwork, requested print size, quantities and color/type of garment you would like to print. You can submit the details on the request page

We print DTG on 100 percent cotton garments only, they can not be lined. Dark color items require a pretreat and under base, white garments do no require pretreatment and under base.

Price brackets: 1-12 items, 13- 23 items , 24-36 items, and 37-72 items

DTG is priced based on ink usage (NOT color count as in traditional screen printing) here are general pricing sizes:

Small (up to 3.5″ x 3.5″)
Medium (up to 7″ x 7″)
Large (up to max size 13.75″ x 15.75″)

Files accepted: Files we can open in Photoshop or Illustrator, 300 to 600 dpi preferred. PNG files for extra points!  Also if your image is set in the inches you would like printed at that is very helpful.

Depending if DTG or traditional screen printing will suit your needs best, will pick the best printing process for you based on the shirt color and graphic provided by you! Request a quote today!


Mike Digregorio is the sole owner of Porkchop LLC
Rachel Lush is the General Manager