How to clean for your Screen Printed T-Shirt

How to Clean Your Screen Printed T-Shirt

Screen printing can make excellent and vibrant designs on shirts and other apparel. With this design printing technique, you can expect to grab the attention of many who lock their eyes on your T-shirt. But one thing that many apparel owners don’t tend to look up is how to properly clean their screen printed T-Shirts. A screen printed T-shirt possesses few qualities that allow it to stand out from other tops. And when it’s not cared for properly, it can lose its appeal. But don’t fret, there are ways to prolong its life and durability. Continue reading below and see how you can properly clean your screen printed T-shirt.

How to Clean Your Screen Printed T-Shirt

Unlike regular T-shirts, screen printed T-shirts require extra steps of care in order to ensure they still retain their quality after a wash. Cleaning your screen printed T-shirt without such care will slowly degrade its appearance and durability over time. Below are simple steps you can follow to ensure you clean your screen printed T-shirt properly.

Turn It Inside Out

When you clean your screen printed T-shirts, turn them inside out before they’re placed into the wash. Your printed logo is delicate to factors that remove it from its attached fabric and that includes water. Turning your screen printed T-shirt inside out will prevent its colors from fading too quickly. On another note, this is also a good technique to use for jeans as well.

Wash With Similar Fabrics

This may seem like common sense for everyone to follow, but there’s actually a reason for washing your screen printed shirt with apparel of similar fabrics and material other than the colors. Washing your screen printed T-shirts with fabrics of a rougher material can easily scrape off the layer of ink that resides on the apparel. Washing with fabrics of similar material prevents the ink layer from being rubbed off, prolonging the life of your screen printed T-shirt.

Use Cold Water

The type of water you use to clean fabrics all depends on the type of fabric that’s being washed. And when it comes to screen printed T-shirts, you’ll want to use cold water. Hot water will slowly undo the application of ink that resides on your T-shirt and distill it. Cold water doesn’t cause this effect and more importantly, it saves you more money with electricity.

Avoid Dryers

A dryer can cause the same effects as it does with the application of hot water. Heat, in general, will cause the design/logo on your screen printed T-shirt to be distilled, faded, and removed in due time. Don’t dry your screen printed T-shirt in the dryer, hang them instead.

Dry Only In The Shade

Again, heat is a major cause of the death of screen printed T-shirts. Before you hang your T-shirts up to dry, place them only in the shade. Placing them in sunlight will obviously expose them to heat and slowly cause them to degrade.

Avoid Irons

Once again, heat should be avoided at all costs. Try not to use an iron to straighten out the wrinkles. If you must iron your screen printed T-shirt, then turn your iron’s setting on the lowest heat and turn your T-shirt inside out. And avoid letting the iron touch the design or logo.

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