Screen printing can make excellent and vibrant designs on shirts and other apparel. With this design printing technique, you can expect to grab the attention of many who lock their eyes on your T-shirt. But one thing that many apparel owners don’t tend to look up is how to properly clean their screen printed T-Shirts. A screen printed T-shirt possesses few qualities that allow it to stand out from other tops. And when it’s not cared for properly, it can lose its appeal. But don’t fret, there are ways to prolong its life and durability. Continue reading below and see how you can properly clean your screen printed T-shirt.

How to Clean Your Screen Printed T-Shirt

Unlike regular T-shirts, screen printed T-shirts require extra steps of care in order to ensure they still retain their quality after a wash. Cleaning your screen printed T-shirt without such care will slowly degrade its appearance and durability over time. Below are simple steps you can follow to ensure you clean your screen printed T-shirt properly.

Turn It Inside Out

When you clean your screen printed T-shirts, turn them inside out before they’re placed into the wash. Your printed logo is delicate to factors that remove it from its attached fabric and that includes water. Turning your screen printed T-shirt inside out will prevent its colors from fading too quickly. On another note, this is also a good technique to use for jeans as well.

Wash With Similar Fabrics

This may seem like common sense for everyone to follow, but there’s actually a reason for washing your screen printed shirt with apparel of similar fabrics and material other than the colors. Washing your screen printed T-shirts with fabrics of a rougher material can easily scrape off the layer of ink that resides on the apparel. Washing with fabrics of similar material prevents the ink layer from being rubbed off, prolonging the life of your screen printed T-shirt.

Use Cold Water

The type of water you use to clean fabrics all depends on the type of fabric that’s being washed. And when it comes to screen printed T-shirts, you’ll want to use cold water. Hot water will slowly undo the application of ink that resides on your T-shirt and distill it. Cold water doesn’t cause this effect and more importantly, it saves you more money with electricity.

Avoid Dryers

A dryer can cause the same effects as it does with the application of hot water. Heat, in general, will cause the design/logo on your screen printed T-shirt to be distilled, faded, and removed in due time. Don’t dry your screen printed T-shirt in the dryer, hang them instead.

Dry Only In The Shade

Again, heat is a major cause of the death of screen printed T-shirts. Before you hang your T-shirts up to dry, place them only in the shade. Placing them in sunlight will obviously expose them to heat and slowly cause them to degrade.

Avoid Irons

Once again, heat should be avoided at all costs. Try not to use an iron to straighten out the wrinkles. If you must iron your screen printed T-shirt, then turn your iron’s setting on the lowest heat and turn your T-shirt inside out. And avoid letting the iron touch the design or logo.

Contact Pork Chop Screen Printing to Receive The Highest Quality of Screen Printed T-Shirts

Apart from proper care and maintenance, the quality of the screen printing and strength of fabric will also contribute to the longevity of a T-shirt. And if you’re looking for the best business that has such materials for screen printed T-shirts, then look no further than Pork Chop Screen Printing. For many years, Pork Chop Screen Printing has supplied patrons with the absolute best in printed fabrics in both Seattle and the rest of the US. We’re confident that when you hire us, you’ll be satisfied with the results of our service and will be added to our growing list of happy customers.


When you’re starting your new business, there are plenty of ways to help get your brand recognized and generate revenue. An underrated advantage many businesses seem to overlook, however, is hiring the professional expertise of a screen printing service. Screen printed T-Shirts are an excellent way to pique potential customer’s interest and invite them to discover what your services offer. Using screen printed apparel, your business can thrive on customer loyalty while simultaneously gaining profit. Continue reading below and see how the benefits of a screen printing service can help your business succeed.

Cheap Publicity

Many screen printing services, such as Pork Chop Screen Printing, offer affordable rates for all patrons. This means that you can have multiple T-shirts mass-produced in a single order without breaking the bank. By doing this, you’ll be able to hand out or sell more of your T-shirts to the public which will help increase your brand awareness.

Marketing through apparel is often recognized as one of the best means to advertise your business. You could pay to put up a billboard ad or even a commercial and those forms of marketing are good. But eventually, they are taken down and in the end, you might not gain a whole lot of attention from them alone. T-shirts, however, can be worn by anybody at any time and depending on how many are given out to the public, your business is almost constantly advertised every day.

Quick & Efficient

Though it’s a complicated process, screen printing is also a very speedy one if done by a trained professional. And when you hire a service like Pork Chop Screen Printing, that’s efficient due to numerous years of service, you’re apt to get your products quick within a few weeks.

The process of screen printing is simple: First the professional takes your proposed design and crafts it onto a stencil. That stencil is then placed on a mesh screen stretched over a frame that’s centered on the T-shirt. Then, with an ink roller, the professional will print your design onto your T-shirt. Other than having to design the stencils, the overall procedure – for one T-shirt – is often completed within a few minutes.

High Durability

The ink that’s printed on your T-shirts is applied as a thick layer that provides long-lasting benefits. As an added bonus, when you have it printed on high-grade fabric, you can advertise your business’s services and products for a long time. With Pork Chop Screen Printing, you have the option to utilize the different services we offer, all of which provide long-lasting durability.

Bold Look

Screen printed apparels often come out with high visibility and bright, vibrant colors and images. This is because the screen printing method uses a thicker ink that’s absorbed into the fabric of the shirt, hoodie, and other articles of clothing.

The raised ink on the fabric remains on the surface but is able to bend and flex with it, allowing more texture and feeling to the printed areas. On top of that, with only one or two colors, you can create a very visible and crisp looking image, logo, or graphic on your T-shirts.

Contact Pork Chop Screen Printing For Your T-Shirts

Since 1999, Pork Chop Screen Printing has been providing quality service to patrons for all their T-shirt needs. Our expertise has granted customers with the benefits of screen printing listed above as well as others that exclusively come from our service. When you hire us, we’re confident that you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers.


T-Shirt Marketing

One of the most strategic yet underrated forms of marketing that tremendously helps create brand awareness is T-Shirts. You can pay for a TV commercial or a billboard to promote your service. But in due time, they will be taken down and soon forgotten. Paying for another can be costly and it’s never guaranteed that you’ll get sales from it. Instead, you can opt to give free gifts to potential clients. When you’re given a gift, you’ll typically keep it for a long time. Likewise, when you give a T-shirt to help promote brand awareness they’ll be kept for many years. Continue below and see why focusing your marketing through T-shirts is the best investment you could make.

It’s Cheap

T-shirt marketing is one of the cheapest ways to promote your products or services. You can get a customized T-shirt anywhere and for a low cost. When you buy packs of customized T-shirts you’re allowing yourself more room to gain profit while still having enough money left over to pay for marketing. If you want T-shirt bundles for a fair price then you should order yours from Pork Chop Screen Printing. They offer an array of services that help provide you with graphically designed T-shirts.

Constant Promotion

T-shirt marketing allows for constant promotion of your business to take place nearly every day. When you put on a T-shirt, you probably don’t even think of which one you’re wearing. You just choose from your dresser and continue on with your day. This means when you give your T-shirts out to multiple people, they’ll almost always wear your shirt when they go through their wardrobe and decide what to wear. You can easily do your work while your business is always being promoted.

Conversation Starter

If you create an iconic design to your T-shirt it can help to spark a conversation. At more than one time in your life, you’ve worn a T-shirt that someone just complimented, leading into a conversation, and then ending with them asking about where they can get one like yours. This will definitely have imminent clients requesting your service and/or products.

Long-Lasting Marketing

T-shirts are actually very durable and if you look through your wardrobe you’ll notice that you have T-shirts you’ve kept for many years. When your shirts are given out they’ll be held onto for many years to come as well. At any time in the future, your business will still be promoted because a patron is out there wearing the shirt you’ve given to them. If you’re looking for top quality, durable T-shirts make sure to order yours from Pork Chop Screen Printing.

Order From Pork Chop Screen Printing & Start Promoting Your Business Today

Pork Chop Screen Printing has been in business since 1999, making them one of the most trusted and established screen printing businesses to exists in the country. They have provided their services to multiple businesses and can guarantee you high-quality T-shirts for your marketing needs. 


One of the most affordable and versatile ways to express yourself is to create a custom screen print shirt. Whether it’s for a family reunion, a senior class vacation, volunteering in the community, taking part in a weekend beer league, putting together a workplace team for fundraising, starting a fan club for your favorite local band, or just because your buddy created a great design, it’s easy to get started on printing custom t-shirts.

First thing’s first — since it’s summertime, you should think about the sort of fabric your t-shirts will be made from. Not only is the material essential to the printing process in terms of the crispness of the design and the brightness of the colors, but the breathability and wearability are also important. No one wants to wear an itchy, sticky, sweaty shirt, no matter how awesome the design is.

For spot color screen printing, which is the most common fabric print method, cotton is an ideal material. Cotton, as a natural cloth, will readily absorb the ink, helping to ensure a vibrant print. Also, the outside surface of a cotton t-shirt is typically smooth, which assists in transferring over crisp, clean lines and sharp details.

Cotton is known as a breathable fabric. The fibers wick away moisture and also release odors much more readily than an oil-based material like polyester (which is synthetic). Wearing cotton during the hot summer months means that you not only will stay cooler, but you will smell better in the long run. Also, cotton is soft and lightweight, so it feels good to wear!



Spring is here, which means it’s time to ditch the coats and boats. The days are longer, the snow is replaced by rain, and everyone jumps at the idea of finally being able to do things outside. People seem to be in better spirits, and rightfully so! They don’t have to worry about shoveling snow, and can now focus on going to the beach, driving with the windows rolled down, and walking their dog without putting on ten layers of clothing, and everything in between. As Spring rolls around, so do the events. From private corporate gatherings to 5k run fundraisers, there’s something going on every weekend. If you’re managing and overseeing a Spring event, you’re probably considering having some event shirts or other products made so you can give them out to the participants. While it may seem like you can design anything, there are some things that you should and shouldn’t do when ordering for your Spring event.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Spring Screen Printing

  • DO Order According To The Event Type
  • DO Order Well Before The Event Date
  • DON’T Design With Dark Colors
  • DON’T Choose Heavy Garments

DO Design Your Order According To The Event Type

Before putting in your Spring screen printing order, you should be aware of what you’re ordering for. Outdoor events such as 5ks and marathons, as well as picnics and bar crawls, tend to be during the day. The heat of the sun shining down on a cloudless day can be very overwhelming. This makes products such as hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts less than ideal. You’re better off ordering hats, lightweight activewear t-shirts, and tank tops, which make sitting and running around under the sun a bit more bearable. Indoor events such as corporate gatherings leave the door open for more options. You may want to elect for something a bit more professional such as a lightweight polo, however, t-shirts with your brand screen printed on them work as well.

Do Order Well Before The Event Date

If you have an event coming up, we highly recommend ordering well in advance. This provides Pork Chop Screen Printing and other screen printing shops with ample time to get the design just right and into your hands. We want nothing more than to do the job the right way the first time, which is why we prefer to have enough time to go through our process. While we do have the resources and experts to get the order finished in a pinch, it leaves us with little room to show you the end product and hash out any changes you’d like made. By ordering ahead of time, you guarantee you get exactly what you want.

DON’T Design Screen Printed Garments With Dark Colors

For Spring screen printing orders, we highly advise against using dark colors. Grays, blacks, and dark browns are less than ideal for the humidity and heat of Spring. Thick garments using dark colors tend to soak up the heat that radiates from the sun. In conditions without at least a slight breeze, you and your guests will definitely be feeling the sweat dripping from your foreheads.

Don’t Choose Heavy Garments

If you absolutely must print using darker colors–or with any color, really–avoid heavy garments. Screen printing hoodies, jackets, long sleeve dress shirts, and other heavy garments should be avoided at all costs during the Spring. Heavy clothing tends to trap your own body heat and soak up the heat from, causing the wearer to sweat more to cool their body down as a result. Chances are if you screen print heavy garments, the people you give them out to will hang it up and most likely forget it exists. Avoid this scenario with lightweight products such as activewear and tank tops.

The Springtime is when everyone throws on their favorite, so make sure when the time comes that they put your screen printed garment on. For the best screen printing services, contact Pork Chop Screen Printing. 


As you can probably tell, we love screen printing t-shirts. We always recommend it to potential customers along with our friends and family looking to make t-shirts. It’s a proven solution to practically everyone’s needs when it comes to custom printed t-shirts. Unfortunately, T-shirt printing tends to better when done in bulk which is why single one-off designs can cost far more. This makes screen printed t-shirts ideal for larger orders. Whether a clothing brand, company, nonprofit organization or other, you’ll find that the best bulk t-shirt printing results with screen printing.

Who Should Consider Screen Printing

  • Bands
  • Events
  • Uniforms


Everyone remembers their first band tee. They vividly recall waiting in line to purchase it after the concert was over. They probably still hang onto it just for the memories. You want to design band t-shirts that your fans will hold on to and cherish for a lifetime, so you should make sure it lasts a lifetime. While other bands may elect for cheaper shirts to produce in bulk, they’ll fall apart faster, which can be devastating for a fan. Screen Printing with Pork Chop Screen Printing is ideal for band tees because you’re able to get a quality design on a quality product, all while still getting that bulk purchase pricing. Pork Chop works with all bands to get the design right. Whether you want just the logo on the front of the shirt, a list of all the tour dates on the back, or any other design, Pork Chop Screen Printing can make it happen


From half-marathons through the city, to trivia nights at the local brewery to school fundraisers, there’s always a t-shirt designed for it. Screen printed t-shirts are ideal for practically any event, as the design is able to pop out to the viewer, while not costing an absolute fortune. Events can have anywhere from a couple of families to hundreds of people, so having the ability to buy in bulk while not breaking the set budget is necessary. We know how important deadlines are when it comes to events, which is why we ensure that we’ll be able to accomplish any project well before the set deadline. You and your event guests will all be smiling while wearing their custom designed screen printed tee.


Whether for work or for sports, Pork Chop Screen Printing can make it happen. We’ve specialized in creating uniforms for a multitude of organizations. From little league baseball teams to corporate companies, we’re able to take your design requirements and make it happen. We know how important customization is to each client, which is why we offer our screen printing services across a range of products. We offer everything from bags to jerseys to polos and much more. It’s important to us that we’re able to make it happen for you, which is why our team will work tirelessly until your order is complete and you’re completely satisfied with your order. We’re more than happy to scale your order based on the number of people in the office/team.


Starting a clothing business today is a fantastic way to share and express your creative vision with the world. There are so many new and innovative ways to make a statement with your clothing today that you have hundreds of avenues to promoting and spreading your brand. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before starting your clothing line. From distribution to targeting your niche to even the actual physical creation of your design, there’s just so much to be aware of before your clothing brand takes off.

What To Know Before Starting A Clothing Brand

  • Target Niche
  • Branding And Marketing
  • Design Creation

Target Niche

Anyone can start a clothing brand, but it takes certain individuals to take that clothing brand and convince a particular group of people that they couldn’t possibly live without that shirt or sweatpants. These individuals are able to identify a problem or something that’s missing from the lives of people within a certain group. Once they’re able to connect the solution to the problem, they’re able to create clothing for these people that are guaranteed to sell immediately. Having a target niche for your clothing brand makes it much easier to market the product and grow a rapport with these people. Depending on the size of the niche, there may or may not be competitors within the space already.

Branding and Marketing

One of the most important steps of creating a clothing brand is actually creating the brand. When brainstorming your brand, make sure it’s something that will make people what to wear your clothes and proudly represent you. Ultimately, your brand is more than just the shirt on your back, but the message that is sewn into every stitch.

Today, there are so many ways to market your clothing brand and spread it like wildfire. Social media is becoming one of the largest drivers of products across every platform, making it viable for pushing your brand to people across the world. If you want to have your clothing brand around the world, it’ll happen.

Design Creation

With all of the technical parts of building a clothing brand taken care of, you can move on to the part you enjoy: creating your designs. Your designs are able to channel your creative energy into something tangible. Once you have your design ready, you can take it to a screenprinting shop who will get your design onto the clothing and ready to sell. Screen Printing shops are able to apply your design on any article of clothing, so your options are endless.

If you’re ready to start your clothing brand and get your brand out into the world, then you need Pork Chop Screen Printing. We have a long history of working with clothing brands who need to have their designs put on clothing. 


Custom screen print shirts can be a fantastic choice for an event, company, organization, individual, or any other exciting thing going on. They help you stand out from the crowd of boring t-shirts and boring people. You rise above as everyone stares at you in envy. Of course, there were a few steps before you receive such an amazing shirt. You most likely went to a custom screen print shop ready to order some fresh new shirts, however they probably required a few steps from you before they get to work.

What To Know Before Ordering From A Custom Screen Print Shop

  • How Many Custom Screen Print Shirts To Order
  • What Shirt Style
  • The Design
  • Colors

How Many Custom Screen Print Shirts To Order

No order is created equal, as people tend to need a varying number of shirts. This tends to be due to the number of people you’re ordering for, whether immediately or over time. The more shirts you order at once the cheaper it becomes, as many screen print shops are happy to lower the price per shirt when buying in bulk. Depending on the occasion, you may only need 24 shirts for a family reunion, or potentially 200 for a 5k run. Whatever the occasion may be, you should always have the headcount ready before sending in the order.

What Shirt Style

You aren’t limited to just the standard shirt style when ordering from a screen print shop, as they have several styles available. If it’s cold, you can print hoodies, and long sleeved shirts. Screen print shops will also design tank-tops, activewear, basketball shorts, and more. Your options are never limited, all you need to do is decide what type of garment you want to design. You can also mix and match to fully customize your order, should you want multiple options to provide within your order.

The Design.

Send the art you would like to use with a description of sizing and placement, please be specific. A file we can open in photoshop that is 300 dpi or higher is great! Your imagination is the limit!


Your color choices are another major thing you should have some sort of idea of before starting your order. You may only need one color or you might want to divide people into groups, making several colors the better option. You should also tell the screen printing shop which colors you’d like your design to be as well. With screen printing, you’re able to achieve some incredible color combinations and design creations.

With all of this knowledge in advance, you’re able to ensure that your screen printing project goes smoothly and you get everything you need in as little time as possible. For the best screen printing results in the country, use Pork Chop Screen Printing. Located in Seattle, Washington, Pork Chop Screen Printing has been a leader in the screen printing industry for over 20 years.


The debate between custom screen printing and embroidery is an argument that has gone on for years. People have constantly discussed which service has an edge over the other when it comes to customizing garments. They’ve gone back and forth regarding which one looks more professional or why one provides one with more customizable options when designing. As the premier screen printing company in Seattle, we proudly stand on the side that screen printing is far and away the better option for everyone. It has consistently provided our customers with exactly what they needed every time at an unbeatable price.

Benefits Of Screen Printing

  • Cost Effective
  • Ideal For Tshirts
  • Durable and Flexible

    Cost Effective

    Screen printing is far more cost-effective than embroidery, which has always made it the preferred choice of customers, especially those looking to make bulk orders. Custom embroidery jobs are priced on the thread count required per shirt, making them far more expensive than the average screen printing order. In fact, embroidery jobs can cost twice or even three times as much as screen printing. Most screen printing and embroidery jobs are bulk orders, so it’s important to get the best results at the most optimal price. You’ll find that time and time again screen printing is the way to go.

    Ideal For Tshirts

    If you’re looking to get a design on a T-shirt, then you need screen printing. Embroidery is limited by its cost due to thread counts, where screen printing is able to apply an entire design to your shirt. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small logo on the sleeve or an entire band tour shirt with every date listed on the back. Pork Chop Screen Printing’s experts will take whatever design you choose and apply it to our wide range of t-shirt options we offer. While t-shirts are our specialty, screen printing can be applied to anything. From pens to backpacks, we can apply any design to anything. While embroidery is useful for clothing, it, unfortunately, can’t be applied to anything that can’t be stitched. Anything from writing utensils to drinkware would be completely off limits.

    Durable And Flexible

    Screen printing stands apart from embroidery due to its durability and flexibility. While it may seem as though threading may stand stronger than a screen printed design, it’s as strong if not stronger than embroidery. We only use the strongest inks, ensuring that the designs never fade from your shirt, even after 20 washes. You’ll be able to wear your screen printed t-shirt with pride as if you just received it. As mentioned earlier, screen printing is far more flexible than embroidery. It’s capable of being applied to far more items than embroidery.

    Screen printing will always be the right choice for those interested in designing a shirt. It surpasses any of the capabilities that embroidery has to offer. If you’re looking for the best screen printers available, then you need Pork Chop Screen Printing. 


When it comes to promotional items, we often find that companies use custom screen printed t-shirts more than any other products. As one of the best forms of promotional products, t-shirts offer a lot of versatility for businesses looking to grow their brand. While there are an insurmountable amount of promotional items available in any company’s arsenal, none have the power found in the common promo t-shirt. That said, it’s very easy for a promotional t-shirt to fall flat and not deliver the results you expected.

Key Parts Of A Good Promo Tee

  • Easy To Produce
  • Memorable Design
  • Reusability
  • Comfortable
  • Creates Brand Awareness

Easy To Produce

Custom screen printed t-shirts are one of the top promotional items due to their cost. Promotional t-shirts are typically printed in bulk, which drops the price significantly. Once you place the order, screen printing experts such as the ones at Pork Chop Screen Printing are able to take your t-shirt design and produce it in an efficient and effective manner. You don’t have to wait on international shipping added time, as you’ll have your order soon after initiating the process. That way, you and your company can get them into the world as soon as possible

Memorable Design

A good promotional t-shirt should have a memorable design. The shirt is not only for the wearer to remember the company but for anyone else passing by. T-shirts are moving billboards, and a good design can grab the attention of a passerby almost immediately. Being able to stand out day in and day out gives you a higher chance of grabbing new clients, which makes promotional t-shirts vital to your marketing strategy.


While many promotional items have a healthy lifespan of usage, none compare to a t-shirt. Buttons and stickers can be attached to clothing, computers, backpacks, etc, however, they aren’t nearly as visible as a t-shirt. Writing utensils can run our or break, and cups can break or grow old after several uses. T-shirts can go years before beginning to fade and fall apart, even with daily usage.


Custom screen printed promotional t-shirts have to be comfortable to be effective. Nobody wants to wear an uncomfortable shirt, even if they received it for free. They might use an uncomfortable shirt as a rag for cleaning their car or to do tasks around the house, which is less than ideal. You want the shirt being worn in public, so it’s important that you choose a shirt style that’s comfortable for your customers. Thankfully, Pork Chop Screen Printing offers a variety of t-shirts options to best fit your needs as a business.

Creates Brand Awareness

A good promotional t-shirt accomplishes its mission of creating brand awareness. It spreads your company’s mission and achieves its goal of bringing in new customers. Creating an incredibly promotional item can convince potential customers to not only keep the shirt for longer but also spread the word about your business. The ultimate goal of promotional items is to generate buzz and grow the perception of your business, which you can achieve with an effective promotional t-shirt.

If you’re looking for fantastic promotional t-shirts, then you need Pork Chop Screen Printing. As the premier screen printing company in Seattle, Pork Chop specializes in producing world-class products at an affordable price.