Cotton is ideal for spot color screen printing and for the summer heat.

A Look at the Screen Printing Process

Custom screen printing has been an artistic process for much of history, however recent technologies have improved the efficiency of the process to achieve realistic images on many different surfaces. Screen printing has been widely adopted for printing t-shirts as they’re able to rapidly produced in large batches. Screen printing also allows for quality colors and designs to shine through and stand out among other dull and boring plain tees. Before ordering screen printing shirts, it’s important to understand the process behind screen printing and how they’re made.

How Is Screen Printing Done

Screen printing is the process through which ink and a stencil are combined to form an image on any surface. First, a fabric screen which transfers the inks is created. A stencil of the desired image is placed on the screen so that only the ink can transfer through the parts not covered by the outline of the stencil. Ink is then squeegeed across the fabric, pushing it through onto a t-shirt or other product. The stencil can be reused several times to create many prints of the same image across a variety of mediums. 

Special inks can also be used in the different layers to create certain textures on certain colors which will make the image raised or feel more realistic. Metallic inks, glow-in-the-dark inks, and suede inks can also be used to match the theme of a design.

The Benefits of Screen Printing

The benefits of screen printing are the ability to do it in bulk, handle things automatically, and get the most vibrant designs. Because of the versatility and reusability of screen printing, almost any industry can make use of it. More advanced users of screen printing technology are able to master the process and utilize all its benefits to optimize it to be as simple and quick as possible. Projects of any size can be undertaken, thanks to the insurmountable amount of advancements in screen printing technology.

Screen printing has made massive impacts on branding, raising awareness for an event, developing clothing lines, and so much more. As the premier shirt screen printing company, Pork Chop Screen Printing is able to offer the best screen printing services at the best possible price on any project. We walk our clients through the screen printing process so they can always rest assured knowing they’re getting exactly what they wanted.