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Best Events For Ordering Shirt Screen Printing

Custom shirt screen printing and events go hand in hand. Ordering shirt screen printing has many benefits as they are walking billboards. They also build unity within a group of people that were at the same event. T-shirts that have a custom design make a lasting impression with people looking at them. Events are a popular place where people like to order shirts because of the amount of foot traffic. Here are some of the events that are perfect for a shirt screen printing order.



Attending a concert is one of the best live experiences possible. The excitement and energy felt at a show are unlike any other event. One of the most popular purchases that people make at a concert is a custom screen printed shirt. The feeling of euphoria after the show ends is the best time to buy a custom t shirt. Since concert tees are exclusive, they are a great event to order shirt screen printing.


Fundraisers are events that are held to raise funds for a good cause. These types of events usually draw a large number of people. One of the ways to commemorate a fundraiser is to order custom t-shirts. The t-shirts act as a billboard for the fundraiser and can advertise awareness for the cause. It can also be given to the guests who donate for the fundraiser.


Whether it is a gathering for a particular industry for work or a comic convention, they are a great place to showcase a t-shirt. The amount of foot traffic a convention sees is staggering and it’s a great way to advertise a business or brand. If there is a booth set up, the custom printed t shirts can act as a talking piece for guests walking by. They can also be used in merch giveaways and promotions.


Not quite commemorates a college or family reunion like a custom screen printed t-shirt. Reunited with college classmates, or family members is a joyous occasion filled with laughter and fun. Catching up with everyone and reminiscing about the good ole time makes reunions all the more special. Ordering a screen printed t shirt reminds everyone that attended of the awesome time they had at the reunion. It is one of the best mementos to receive.

Sporting Events

Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, and Football are one of the most fun events someone can attend. The excitement of a winning score and the captivating drama that happens at each game is fantastic. The thrill of the game has an ending that is more fantastical then what a Hollywood movie can create. Ordering a custom screen printed t-shirt for a free giveaway is a great way to generate new fans and to commemorate the game they attended.

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