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Best Uses For Screen Printed Shirts

As you can probably tell, we love screen printing t-shirts. We always recommend it to potential customers along with our friends and family looking to make t-shirts. It’s a proven solution to practically everyone’s needs when it comes to custom printed t-shirts. Unfortunately, T-shirt printing tends to better when done in bulk which is why single one-off designs can cost far more. This makes screen printed t-shirts ideal for larger orders. Whether a clothing brand, company, nonprofit organization or other, you’ll find that the best bulk t-shirt printing results with screen printing.

Who Should Consider Screen Printing

  • Bands
  • Events
  • Uniforms


Everyone remembers their first band tee. They vividly recall waiting in line to purchase it after the concert was over. They probably still hang onto it just for the memories. You want to design band t-shirts that your fans will hold on to and cherish for a lifetime, so you should make sure it lasts a lifetime. While other bands may elect for cheaper shirts to produce in bulk, they’ll fall apart faster, which can be devastating for a fan. Screen Printing with Pork Chop Screen Printing is ideal for band tees because you’re able to get a quality design on a quality product, all while still getting that bulk purchase pricing. Pork Chop works with all bands to get the design right. Whether you want just the logo on the front of the shirt, a list of all the tour dates on the back, or any other design, Pork Chop Screen Printing can make it happen


From half-marathons through the city, to trivia nights at the local brewery to school fundraisers, there’s always a t-shirt designed for it. Screen printed t-shirts are ideal for practically any event, as the design is able to pop out to the viewer, while not costing an absolute fortune. Events can have anywhere from a couple of families to hundreds of people, so having the ability to buy in bulk while not breaking the set budget is necessary. We know how important deadlines are when it comes to events, which is why we ensure that we’ll be able to accomplish any project well before the set deadline. You and your event guests will all be smiling while wearing their custom designed screen printed tee.


Whether for work or for sports, Pork Chop Screen Printing can make it happen. We’ve specialized in creating uniforms for a multitude of organizations. From little league baseball teams to corporate companies, we’re able to take your design requirements and make it happen. We know how important customization is to each client, which is why we offer our screen printing services across a range of products. We offer everything from bags to jerseys to polos and much more. It’s important to us that we’re able to make it happen for you, which is why our team will work tirelessly until your order is complete and you’re completely satisfied with your order. We’re more than happy to scale your order based on the number of people in the office/team.