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Dos And Don’ts Of Spring Screen Printing

Spring is here, which means it’s time to ditch the coats and boats. The days are longer, the snow is replaced by rain, and everyone jumps at the idea of finally being able to do things outside. People seem to be in better spirits, and rightfully so! They don’t have to worry about shoveling snow, and can now focus on going to the beach, driving with the windows rolled down, and walking their dog without putting on ten layers of clothing, and everything in between. As Spring rolls around, so do the events. From private corporate gatherings to 5k run fundraisers, there’s something going on every weekend. If you’re managing and overseeing a Spring event, you’re probably considering having some event shirts or other products made so you can give them out to the participants. While it may seem like you can design anything, there are some things that you should and shouldn’t do when ordering for your Spring event.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Spring Screen Printing

  • DO Order According To The Event Type
  • DO Order Well Before The Event Date
  • DON’T Design With Dark Colors
  • DON’T Choose Heavy Garments

DO Design Your Order According To The Event Type

Before putting in your Spring screen printing order, you should be aware of what you’re ordering for. Outdoor events such as 5ks and marathons, as well as picnics and bar crawls, tend to be during the day. The heat of the sun shining down on a cloudless day can be very overwhelming. This makes products such as hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts less than ideal. You’re better off ordering hats, lightweight activewear t-shirts, and tank tops, which make sitting and running around under the sun a bit more bearable. Indoor events such as corporate gatherings leave the door open for more options. You may want to elect for something a bit more professional such as a lightweight polo, however, t-shirts with your brand screen printed on them work as well.

Do Order Well Before The Event Date

If you have an event coming up, we highly recommend ordering well in advance. This provides Pork Chop Screen Printing and other screen printing shops with ample time to get the design just right and into your hands. We want nothing more than to do the job the right way the first time, which is why we prefer to have enough time to go through our process. While we do have the resources and experts to get the order finished in a pinch, it leaves us with little room to show you the end product and hash out any changes you’d like made. By ordering ahead of time, you guarantee you get exactly what you want.

DON’T Design Screen Printed Garments With Dark Colors

For Spring screen printing orders, we highly advise against using dark colors. Grays, blacks, and dark browns are less than ideal for the humidity and heat of Spring. Thick garments using dark colors tend to soak up the heat that radiates from the sun. In conditions without at least a slight breeze, you and your guests will definitely be feeling the sweat dripping from your foreheads.

Don’t Choose Heavy Garments

If you absolutely must print using darker colors–or with any color, really–avoid heavy garments. Screen printing hoodies, jackets, long sleeve dress shirts, and other heavy garments should be avoided at all costs during the Spring. Heavy clothing tends to trap your own body heat and soak up the heat from, causing the wearer to sweat more to cool their body down as a result. Chances are if you screen print heavy garments, the people you give them out to will hang it up and most likely forget it exists. Avoid this scenario with lightweight products such as activewear and tank tops.

The Springtime is when everyone throws on their favorite, so make sure when the time comes that they put your screen printed garment on. For the best screen printing services, contact Pork Chop Screen Printing.