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Order Custom Shirts For Your Local Sports Team

A great way to interact with the local community to help out the local sports team. Community teams get members active as opposed to professional teams which only serve the purpose of entertainment. Any local team that wants to establish itself is going to want to order t-shirt printing as well as jerseys and other accessories.


Start With An Image

Creating a high-quality logo will be important for the timelessness of the image and what it represents. Even though players come and go, and the team’s identity changes, a logo will represent the team for much longer than that. Getting it right the first time is very important. Pork Chop Screen Printing offers standard screen printing, specialty ink printing, and art services for screen printing on custom t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, polos, hats, koozies, totes, and more.

Copyright is something to consider when creating t-shirts. Technically, a person can buy a movie and use a still image from it as a shirt design. The issue comes when this person creates many t-shirts as a market to sell. Creating a shirt for the local sports team should be fine if it uses logos that are in the public domain. The public domain is all of the creative works which do not belong to any intellectual entity. Using a professional sports team logo as the local sports team’s logo is where this nears the boundary of legality. The shirt should be legal as long as it changes some elements and the name. Since it is only being sold to members of the team, there should be no issues.

The Mark of Professionalism

“The Capital City Cobras,” an Austin-based sandlot baseball team has used Pork Chop Screen Printing for their artwork. Because of their extremely knowledgeable staff, effective communication, and competitive prices, Pork Chop Screen Printing was able to make the whole process painless.

Reid M. from the Capital City Cobras said, “They helped make our ideas and designs come to life, and made sure the art was fully agreed upon before printing. They went the extra mile to make sure all relevant details were clearly presented and understood – kudos to this kind of professionalism.”

Pork Chop Screen Printing is a full-service screen printing and embroidery company with more than 15 years of friendly service. We specialize in custom screen printing and embroidery on t-shirts, caps, and other garments. We are fully automated and offer a full range of services and capabilities at a fair price and always to the highest standards. Our clients include tech companies, bands, retail sellers, churches, nonprofits, restaurants, fitness clubs, and sports teams.