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The Power Of Branding With Custom Printed Tshirts

Even though it may not seem like it, custom shirt printing can be a vital role in branding for a business. Whether it be on a local or national level, a custom printed t-shirt can carry the weight of any sized brand and help it grow exponentially. Branded t-shirts are a remarkable form of marketing and advertising that can quickly grow a brand and the business attached to it. L.J. Market Research conducted a study on the usefulness of promotional products and discovered that 52% of people given a promotional item from a company did business with them.

What Custom Printed T-Shirt Branding Does

  • Moving Billboard
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Communal Inclusion

Moving Billboard

One of the best parts of using custom screen print t-shirts as a part of your marketing mix is its ability to become a moving billboard. The greatest downside of billboards was their inability to move with the customer. Once somebody drove by it, it immediately left their mind. With branded t-shirts, however, the billboard moves with the person. Whether it be a logo, the company’s name, a mascot, or anything else related to the company, the brand walks with the person wearing it. This “moving billboard” gets seen by a wide range of people every time the custom printed shirt is worn. General interest is then raised by the public, which can then lead to an increased brand awareness and generated leads.

Customer Acquisition

Humans have an innate love of receiving stuff for free without doing anything. This process of receiving a free gift can sway a person to switch to your brand over one they’re more comfortable with. As a company, giving away free promotional items is far and away worth the cost of producing the items when it means acquiring a new customer. A custom printed shirt giveaway can be the deciding factor between staying with the brand they know and trust and switching over to your company.

Communal Inclusion

Branded custom printed t-shirts are a great way of creating a feeling of inclusivity with new customers and returning customers alike. Seeing others with the same custom printed shirt in public can create friendships and thus form a community. People love to be included in communities, and a community forming around your brand can only mean good for future business. Communities also form a feeling of exclusivity, which in turn makes excluded persons want to join in. This need to be included can lead to even more sales thanks to people wanting to be a part of something.

Custom printed t-shirts can be a vital branding move for any company looking to grow their customer base. Companies can elect to give away branded pens or stickers, but those ultimately get thrown in the trash or forgotten. Branded t-shirts are a cheap and powerful branding method that will certainly carry into the future. When preparing to order custom printed shirts for your company, make sure to contact Pork Chop Screen Printing. As the best screen printing service in the country, Pork Chop offers the best and quickest t-shirt printing services at unbeatable prices.