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What Makes For A Good Promotional T-Shirt?

When it comes to promotional items, we often find that companies use custom screen printed t-shirts more than any other products. As one of the best forms of promotional products, t-shirts offer a lot of versatility for businesses looking to grow their brand. While there are an insurmountable amount of promotional items available in any company’s arsenal, none have the power found in the common promo t-shirt. That said, it’s very easy for a promotional t-shirt to fall flat and not deliver the results you expected.

Key Parts Of A Good Promo Tee

  • Easy To Produce
  • Memorable Design
  • Reusability
  • Comfortable
  • Creates Brand Awareness

Easy To Produce

Custom screen printed t-shirts are one of the top promotional items due to their cost. Promotional t-shirts are typically printed in bulk, which drops the price significantly. Once you place the order, screen printing experts such as the ones at Pork Chop Screen Printing are able to take your t-shirt design and produce it in an efficient and effective manner. You don’t have to wait on international shipping added time, as you’ll have your order soon after initiating the process. That way, you and your company can get them into the world as soon as possible

Memorable Design

A good promotional t-shirt should have a memorable design. The shirt is not only for the wearer to remember the company but for anyone else passing by. T-shirts are moving billboards, and a good design can grab the attention of a passerby almost immediately. Being able to stand out day in and day out gives you a higher chance of grabbing new clients, which makes promotional t-shirts vital to your marketing strategy.


While many promotional items have a healthy lifespan of usage, none compare to a t-shirt. Buttons and stickers can be attached to clothing, computers, backpacks, etc, however, they aren’t nearly as visible as a t-shirt. Writing utensils can run our or break, and cups can break or grow old after several uses. T-shirts can go years before beginning to fade and fall apart, even with daily usage.


Custom screen printed promotional t-shirts have to be comfortable to be effective. Nobody wants to wear an uncomfortable shirt, even if they received it for free. They might use an uncomfortable shirt as a rag for cleaning their car or to do tasks around the house, which is less than ideal. You want the shirt being worn in public, so it’s important that you choose a shirt style that’s comfortable for your customers. Thankfully, Pork Chop Screen Printing offers a variety of t-shirts options to best fit your needs as a business.

Creates Brand Awareness

A good promotional t-shirt accomplishes its mission of creating brand awareness. It spreads your company’s mission and achieves its goal of bringing in new customers. Creating an incredibly promotional item can convince potential customers to not only keep the shirt for longer but also spread the word about your business. The ultimate goal of promotional items is to generate buzz and grow the perception of your business, which you can achieve with an effective promotional t-shirt.

If you’re looking for fantastic promotional t-shirts, then you need Pork Chop Screen Printing. As the premier screen printing company in Seattle, Pork Chop specializes in producing world-class products at an affordable price.