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What To Know Before Ordering Custom Screen Printed Shirts

Custom screen print shirts can be a fantastic choice for an event, company, organization, individual, or any other exciting thing going on. They help you stand out from the crowd of boring t-shirts and boring people. You rise above as everyone stares at you in envy. Of course, there were a few steps before you receive such an amazing shirt. You most likely went to a custom screen print shop ready to order some fresh new shirts, however they probably required a few steps from you before they get to work.

What To Know Before Ordering From A Custom Screen Print Shop

  • How Many Custom Screen Print Shirts To Order
  • What Shirt Style
  • The Design
  • Colors

How Many Custom Screen Print Shirts To Order

No order is created equal, as people tend to need a varying number of shirts. This tends to be due to the number of people you’re ordering for, whether immediately or over time. The more shirts you order at once the cheaper it becomes, as many screen print shops are happy to lower the price per shirt when buying in bulk. Depending on the occasion, you may only need 24 shirts for a family reunion, or potentially 200 for a 5k run. Whatever the occasion may be, you should always have the headcount ready before sending in the order.

What Shirt Style

You aren’t limited to just the standard shirt style when ordering from a screen print shop, as they have several styles available. If it’s cold, you can print hoodies, and long sleeved shirts. Screen print shops will also design tank-tops, activewear, basketball shorts, and more. Your options are never limited, all you need to do is decide what type of garment you want to design. You can also mix and match to fully customize your order, should you want multiple options to provide within your order.

The Design.

Send the art you would like to use with a description of sizing and placement, please be specific. A file we can open in photoshop that is 300 dpi or higher is great! Your imagination is the limit!


Your color choices are another major thing you should have some sort of idea of before starting your order. You may only need one color or you might want to divide people into groups, making several colors the better option. You should also tell the screen printing shop which colors you’d like your design to be as well. With screen printing, you’re able to achieve some incredible color combinations and design creations.

With all of this knowledge in advance, you’re able to ensure that your screen printing project goes smoothly and you get everything you need in as little time as possible. For the best screen printing results in the country, use Pork Chop Screen Printing. Located in Seattle, Washington, Pork Chop Screen Printing has been a leader in the screen printing industry for over 20 years.