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Why Is Screen Printing Better Than Embroidery?

The debate between custom screen printing and embroidery is an argument that has gone on for years. People have constantly discussed which service has an edge over the other when it comes to customizing garments. They’ve gone back and forth regarding which one looks more professional or why one provides one with more customizable options when designing. As the premier screen printing company in Seattle, we proudly stand on the side that screen printing is far and away the better option for everyone. It has consistently provided our customers with exactly what they needed every time at an unbeatable price.

Benefits Of Screen Printing

  • Cost Effective
  • Ideal For Tshirts
  • Durable and Flexible

    Cost Effective

    Screen printing is far more cost-effective than embroidery, which has always made it the preferred choice of customers, especially those looking to make bulk orders. Custom embroidery jobs are priced on the thread count required per shirt, making them far more expensive than the average screen printing order. In fact, embroidery jobs can cost twice or even three times as much as screen printing. Most screen printing and embroidery jobs are bulk orders, so it’s important to get the best results at the most optimal price. You’ll find that time and time again screen printing is the way to go.

    Ideal For Tshirts

    If you’re looking to get a design on a T-shirt, then you need screen printing. Embroidery is limited by its cost due to thread counts, where screen printing is able to apply an entire design to your shirt. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small logo on the sleeve or an entire band tour shirt with every date listed on the back. Pork Chop Screen Printing’s experts will take whatever design you choose and apply it to our wide range of t-shirt options we offer. While t-shirts are our specialty, screen printing can be applied to anything. From pens to backpacks, we can apply any design to anything. While embroidery is useful for clothing, it, unfortunately, can’t be applied to anything that can’t be stitched. Anything from writing utensils to drinkware would be completely off limits.

    Durable And Flexible

    Screen printing stands apart from embroidery due to its durability and flexibility. While it may seem as though threading may stand stronger than a screen printed design, it’s as strong if not stronger than embroidery. We only use the strongest inks, ensuring that the designs never fade from your shirt, even after 20 washes. You’ll be able to wear your screen printed t-shirt with pride as if you just received it. As mentioned earlier, screen printing is far more flexible than embroidery. It’s capable of being applied to far more items than embroidery.

    Screen printing will always be the right choice for those interested in designing a shirt. It surpasses any of the capabilities that embroidery has to offer. If you’re looking for the best screen printers available, then you need Pork Chop Screen Printing.