How to Choose the Right Screen Printing Process for Your T Shirts

When you are looking for custom t shirts, making a decision on the design, image, or structure of the custom t shirt is only part of the process. There are a number of screen printing processes that can create your custom t shirt design, but each process can do it differently. That’s why it’s helpful to look over what each screen printing process does and considering what might be the right t shirt printing option for you.

Tips to Choose the Right T Shirt Printing Option For You

Before placing an order for a custom t shirt print, you should consider what you want out of your t shirt design and which type of screen printing process will be best for your specific needs. From spot color printing to halftone printing to simulated process process printing to grayscale printing to 4 color CMYK printing to heat transfer, every screen printing process done by Porkchop Screen Printing is high in quality. No matter what you decide, you are sure to be pleased with the finished product!

Consider the Colors You Want on Your Custom T Shirt

An important step that will help you decide on the type of screen printing process you want to use on your t-shirt design is considering the color scheme of your design. Is your custom t-shirt print simple with words that you only want in one color? Or do you have an image with a number of colors you want highlighted? Determining how much color you want on your t shirt design is important because it will help narrow down your options. If you decide you do want color, then you can narrow down your options by removing grayscale screen printing which uses shades of gray as color. If color is important to you, then ask yourself how much color you want in your design. if you want to have more control over the colors used, then you may consider spot color printing but if you want colors to pull out an image or design in your t shirt, especially on white, then you may consider 4 color CMYK printing.

Think About How Vibrant You Want Colors on Your T Shirt Design

It’s also helpful to consider not just if you want color on your t shirt prints but how vibrant you want those colors. A fantastic screen printing method because this type of screen printing option really pulls out the colors to draw your attention in. It even looks good on both light and dark clothing items, so you don’t have to worry about the design or image on your t shirt not coming out as visible as you anticipated. Simulated process screen printing will provide a detailed coloring.

Get an idea of How Much You Want to Spend

Another way to help you determine the best screen printing method for your t shirt design is by cost. If you know you are on a budget, then there are more cost effective screen printing options. Four CMYK printing is affordable and it comes out in color! If you aren’t particular about your design being in color, then grayscale printing can be an inexpensive option too.

Leading T Shirt Print Company With Your Choice of Screen Printing Options

No matter what type of screen printing process you decide on, Porkchop Screen Printing wants to be the company you turn to when you need high quality, affordable t shirts printed! All of the screen printing processes we offer provide a great quality, ideal image or design of your choice. We believe in providing the best at the best price, which is why we make it a point to pay attention to details and bring you the custom t-shirts you want! Call Porkchop Screen Printing today at 206-706-4764 to get a quote on custom t shirt prints.