There are tons of choices to pick from with our vendors. Here are some of the most popular tee shirts, pullover hoodies, zip-up hoodies, and crewneck sweatshirts we used in 2022.  Let this be your guide to picking out an awesome canvas to your design.

Feel free to ask about at any of the items or variations of products in these links when you request a quote. We have samples and booklets with color samples in the office at our Sodo Porkchop location, email us to set up an appointment if you would like to see some of these items in person!

Tee shirts

2000 Gildan® Ultra Cotton® 100% US Cotton T-Shirt

DT5000 District ® The Concert Tee ®

NL3600 Next Level Apparel® Unisex Cotton Tee

BC3001 BELLA+CANVAS ® Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee


Pullover hoodies

PC78H Port & Company® Core Fleece Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

18500 Gildan® – Heavy Blend™ Hooded Sweatshirt

DT6100 District® V.I.T.™ Fleece Hoodie

Independent Trading Co. – Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt – SS4500

Zip Up hoodies

PC78ZH Port & Company® Core Fleece Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

18600 Gildan® – Heavy Blend™ Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

DT6102 District® V.I.T.™ Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie

Independent Trading Co. – Midweight Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt – SS4500Z


Crewneck sweatshirts

Independent Trading Co. – Midweight Sweatshirt – SS3000

PC78 Port & Company® Core Fleece Crewneck Sweatshirt


Suppliers we work carry thousands of items!

We are not a wearhouse (that would be a big storage endeavor for a small screen printing business!). What we do is work with dependable vendors that carry thousands of items in almost any color you can think of. They supply the items to us at wholesale and we pass the savings on to you when embellish items with your graphic. Have a look around for a wide variety of items including tote bags, baseball tees, athletic gear, shorts, hats and much much more…


Limited Edition ‘Eddie’ tees, baseball tees, and zip-up hoodies for El Corazon and Funhouse located in Seattle WA!

Head on over to this site to order before midnight on January 1st 2023!!


*Hand printed in Seattle WA*
All shirts will be printed after the store closes in January 2023 at Porkchop.
Please allow up to two weeks for your items to arrive AFTER printing.
We can not bundle shipping for orders placed separately.
No returns or exchanges.


1. Send the art you would like to use with a description of sizing and placement, please be specific. A file we can open in photoshop that is 300 dpi or higher is great.
2. The garment type(s) and color(s). If you would like to look for specific products see below for a list of our vendors or we can select them based on your description.
3. Provide the quantities of items you want printed. We will need the size breakdown for your final order.

Minimums for Screen Printing a design– a one and two color print is 24 items, three to five colors is 37 items, and six and up is 73 items. For DTG prints– a one to full color print is 3 to 72. We will determine which process will be best for your project after reviewing the art and garments being requested.



Here at Pork Chop Screen Printing we can provide the canvas for your custom order though our partners. Provide a description of the type and color of items you would like and we can find them for you! Or if you prefer, head on over to one of our partners and have a look around yourself.

There is wide assortment of brand name apparel available on the following websites. Just let us know what products you are interested and we will provide the items and include the pricing in your quote.


When you’re starting your new business, there are plenty of ways to help get your brand recognized and generate revenue. An underrated advantage many businesses seem to overlook, however, is hiring the professional expertise of a screen printing service. Screen printed T-Shirts are an excellent way to pique potential customer’s interest and invite them to discover what your services offer. Using screen printed apparel, your business can thrive on customer loyalty while simultaneously gaining profit. Continue reading below and see how the benefits of a screen printing service can help your business succeed.

Cheap Publicity

Many screen printing services, such as Pork Chop Screen Printing, offer affordable rates for all patrons. This means that you can have multiple T-shirts mass-produced in a single order without breaking the bank. By doing this, you’ll be able to hand out or sell more of your T-shirts to the public which will help increase your brand awareness.

Marketing through apparel is often recognized as one of the best means to advertise your business. You could pay to put up a billboard ad or even a commercial and those forms of marketing are good. But eventually, they are taken down and in the end, you might not gain a whole lot of attention from them alone. T-shirts, however, can be worn by anybody at any time and depending on how many are given out to the public, your business is almost constantly advertised every day.

Quick & Efficient

Though it’s a complicated process, screen printing is also a very speedy one if done by a trained professional. And when you hire a service like Pork Chop Screen Printing, that’s efficient due to numerous years of service, you’re apt to get your products quick within a few weeks.

The process of screen printing is simple: First the professional takes your proposed design and crafts it onto a stencil. That stencil is then placed on a mesh screen stretched over a frame that’s centered on the T-shirt. Then, with an ink roller, the professional will print your design onto your T-shirt. Other than having to design the stencils, the overall procedure – for one T-shirt – is often completed within a few minutes.

High Durability

The ink that’s printed on your T-shirts is applied as a thick layer that provides long-lasting benefits. As an added bonus, when you have it printed on high-grade fabric, you can advertise your business’s services and products for a long time. With Pork Chop Screen Printing, you have the option to utilize the different services we offer, all of which provide long-lasting durability.

Bold Look

Screen printed apparels often come out with high visibility and bright, vibrant colors and images. This is because the screen printing method uses a thicker ink that’s absorbed into the fabric of the shirt, hoodie, and other articles of clothing.

The raised ink on the fabric remains on the surface but is able to bend and flex with it, allowing more texture and feeling to the printed areas. On top of that, with only one or two colors, you can create a very visible and crisp looking image, logo, or graphic on your T-shirts.

Contact Pork Chop Screen Printing For Your T-Shirts

Since 1999, Pork Chop Screen Printing has been providing quality service to patrons for all their T-shirt needs. Our expertise has granted customers with the benefits of screen printing listed above as well as others that exclusively come from our service. When you hire us, we’re confident that you’ll be added to our growing list of satisfied customers.


When you are shopping around for custom t shirts, there is a process of choosing the design, image, and structure of the custom t-shirt. There are a number of screen printing processes that can create your custom t shirt design.

Each custom t-shirt process has different aspects that can affect the outcome. That’s why it’s useful to review each screen printing process to match the best design for your custom t shirt order. For high-quality custom t shirt screen printing, Pork Chop Screen Printing is the top choice in Seattle, Washington.

Custom T Shirt Color Design in Seattle:

Looking at different color t-shirt and ink options can be an intricate process. A custom t shirt will stand out if the t-shirt color and ink are calibrated optimally. Not all color combinations will pair together such as light color t-shirts with light color ink, and a dark color t shirt with dark color ink.

That’s why it’s important to pair the right colors together to make your design pop. Whether it’s spot color printing, halftone printing, or 4 color CMYK printing, Pork Chop Screen Printing can explain which color combination will best contrast your custom t shirt design in Seattle.

Custom T Shirt Template and Printing in Seattle:

Figuring out how your custom t-shirt will look and where the design logo will be can be a hassle. Not having the look planned out, can make your custom t shirt idea not stand out. That’s why Pork Chop Screen Printing of Seattle provides you with all the templates needed to show off your custom t shirt design.

Not only is Pork Chop Screen Printing Seattle’s number one choice for custom screen printing, but we offer affordable pricing for our services. Whether you are looking for a simple design or a multicolor t-shirt, we have some of the most affordable t shirt rates in the Seattle area. If you need a small batch of t-shirt prints we can facilitate the printing, and offer price breaks for larger quantity orders.

Why Choose Pork Chop Screen Printing in Seattle?

There are plenty of factors to consider when creating custom t shirt designs in Seattle. Color, logo design, t-shirt material, and type of screen printing all play a role in getting you the custom t shirt you want. That is why Pork Chop Screen Printing makes creating and selecting custom t shirt designs a breeze. We know how complicated it can be, so it’s easy for our clients to get the t shirts they want. To receive a custom quote, give us a call at 206-706-4764.

When you are looking for custom t shirts, making a decision on the design, image, or structure of the custom t shirt is only part of the process. There are a number of screen printing processes that can create your custom t shirt design, but each process can do it differently. That’s why it’s helpful to look over what each screen printing process does and considering what might be the right t shirt printing option for you.

Tips to Choose the Right T Shirt Printing Option For You

Before placing an order for a custom t shirt print, you should consider what you want out of your t shirt design and which type of screen printing process will be best for your specific needs. From spot color printing to halftone printing to simulated process process printing to grayscale printing to 4 color CMYK printing to heat transfer, every screen printing process done by Porkchop Screen Printing is high in quality. No matter what you decide, you are sure to be pleased with the finished product!

Consider the Colors You Want on Your Custom T Shirt

An important step that will help you decide on the type of screen printing process you want to use on your t-shirt design is considering the color scheme of your design. Is your custom t-shirt print simple with words that you only want in one color? Or do you have an image with a number of colors you want highlighted? Determining how much color you want on your t shirt design is important because it will help narrow down your options. If you decide you do want color, then you can narrow down your options by removing grayscale screen printing which uses shades of gray as color. If color is important to you, then ask yourself how much color you want in your design. if you want to have more control over the colors used, then you may consider spot color printing but if you want colors to pull out an image or design in your t shirt, especially on white, then you may consider 4 color CMYK printing.

Think About How Vibrant You Want Colors on Your T Shirt Design

It’s also helpful to consider not just if you want color on your t shirt prints but how vibrant you want those colors. A fantastic screen printing method because this type of screen printing option really pulls out the colors to draw your attention in. It even looks good on both light and dark clothing items, so you don’t have to worry about the design or image on your t shirt not coming out as visible as you anticipated. Simulated process screen printing will provide a detailed coloring.

Get an idea of How Much You Want to Spend

Another way to help you determine the best screen printing method for your t shirt design is by cost. If you know you are on a budget, then there are more cost effective screen printing options. Four CMYK printing is affordable and it comes out in color! If you aren’t particular about your design being in color, then grayscale printing can be an inexpensive option too.

Leading T Shirt Print Company With Your Choice of Screen Printing Options

No matter what type of screen printing process you decide on, Porkchop Screen Printing wants to be the company you turn to when you need high quality, affordable t shirts printed! All of the screen printing processes we offer provide a great quality, ideal image or design of your choice. We believe in providing the best at the best price, which is why we make it a point to pay attention to details and bring you the custom t-shirts you want! Call Porkchop Screen Printing today at 206-706-4764 to get a quote on custom t shirt prints.